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Short can be so good

Friday Only - Drabble and Ficlet Prompt Community
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Welcome to Friday_Only

friday_only is a community inspired by my name tag at writercon This is a prompt community.

On Friday of each week, myself or another moderator will give a prompt. You will be given until the following Thursday to write a drabble, ficlet, or "shorter" fiction based on that prompt.

In this community community definitions are as follows:

Drabble is a fiction of a 100 words.
Ficlets is any fiction between 101 words to 1000.
Shorter Fics are any fiction from 1000 words to 5000 words.
Prompt is a word or phrase that your story should be based on or around.

As many of us are fans of several shows and movies, this will be an open fandom community. Your fiction can be based on any tv show or movie. Have fun with it. :D

The Rules
There are realy few.

- Once a new prompt has been given the old one will no longer be open for submission.

- Entry titles are important for archiving purposes so try to give all entires a title.

Example: Prompt: Living. Shorter Fic. by chrkya_ler PG. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Spuffy

By giving each piece a title, it will make building and maintaining a clear memories section much easier on writer and readers alike.

- Any show, movie, or pairing is allowed. Just be sure to note it in the entry title please (see above example).

- Comments on submissions are encouraged, but please keep all comments constructive. Remember what your mama's taught you ladies and gents. If you don't have anything nice/constructive to say, then don't say anything at all.

- Try and make sure your grammar and spelling are as clear as possible. I'm not gonna be a spelling Nazi but a quick read threw to make sure there are no glaring mistakes would be nice.

- Ficlets and Shorter Fics (basically anything not a drabble) should be behind a cut tag.

- Stories rated R or NC-17 should be behind a cut tag.

- Stories can be of any rating.

- If your story spoils for any tv show or movie please note this and put the story behind a cute tag.

Rules are subject to change.

Extra Bits

- Suggestions for prompts can be made here

- Rules and other general community information not listed in the above can be found here.

- Q and A post can be found here.

If you would like to pimp out our little community, it would be highly appreciated. The following are graphics you can use.

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Credit chrkya_ler if you use.

Credit _normal_girl_ if you use.